Zoie - In Loving Memory

Dog of a Lifetime and my best friend (AussieXAiredale)
(12/25/1984 - 11/7/1997)

Zoie was my best friend for many years and she shared wonderful and very hard times with me. She taught me a deep respect for all creatures on this earth and did her best to help me learn to communicate well. I owe lots to her and will never forget her. Luckily for me, Q (new pup) has lots of Zoie in him. Both John and I honor Zoie's memory and have named this web server after her :-) We've also planted a Witch Hazel for her as she didn't care much for computers!

Zoie photo by Linda Kager

Zoie at her favorite park (Lewisville Park, Batle Ground, WA)!