Cycle Oregon XIV Pictures

September 8-15, 2001
By John Pochmara
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Day Zero

Prairie City, OR
September 8, 2001
Travel day to Prairie City, OR. The drive from Vancouver, WA to Prairie City took about 6 hours.
Once at Prairie City, it was time to setup camp...
...along with everyone else!
Totem pole in front of the trading post.
George and Tom waiting around for the evening announcements.
There's money in there somewhere!

Day One

Prairie City to Seneca, OR
September 9, 2001
Time for a snap-shot of the riders.
Made it to the top!
Dinner time.
Calling home.
The camp site.

Day Two

Seneca to Crane, OR
September 10, 2001
Rest stop.
Lunch time.
Turtle Rock.
Sunset over the camp site in Crane.

Day Three

Crane to Diamond, OR
September 11, 2001
Round Barn
The camp site in Diamond.

Day Four

Diamond, OR (Rest Day!)
September 12, 2001
Bikes next to a hay field.
The Diamond Hotel
Hay rides for everyone.
Resting at camp.
Tom taking a nap.
Dinner time.

Day Five

Diamond to Burns, OR
September 13, 2001
This is where we had lunch today...
...on the nice green grass...
...overlooking the lake... to the ranger station.
The main stage in Burns, OR on main street.

Day Six

Burns to Izee, OR
September 14, 2001
Lunch time.

Day Seven

Izee to Prairie City, OR
September 15, 2001

Sorry, no pictures for the last day...